I am done here!


Yup, that’s it for me.

The “new update” has barely brought any working improvements to the app. The update has taken forever, hardware is faulty and the future of this gaming platform is questionable with this approach towards backer communication in my opinion.

My guess is that they’ve run out of money, have no way to generate income, and this latest update is their last attempt to generate (and sell?) user data before going broke.
The fact that they’re advertising “nearby players” without benefit to the user (remember, there are no means to contact those players), and that new players are now required to register an account (even if only playing singleplayer) only let my suspicions grow stronger.

I’ve followed the campaign from the start of the Indiegogo campaign, spent many hours here finding and reporting bugs, creating infographics, helping the community - and getting in arguments with mods :smirk: - but spending so much time on a lost cause just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Let me know when there are any major improvements to the app - if any - and I’ll be sure to check them out at some point. But for now: I’m done!

Oh yeah, @rangerwolfy thank you for sticking around as a mod for that long and your presence on discord. That place would have gone haywire many times if it wasn’t for you. Thanks!

@Youho, @StevenRice both of you are the most active people on discord at the time. Be sure not to get carried away by your hopes, stick to facts and reliable sources when informing other users. Every community needs someone that has an overview of the bigger picture :slight_smile: keep it up!


@Ihsees#5176 Thanks for the mention in the Forum. I honestly would have never seen it if you didn’t tag me. I understand your frustration with this app. I still have many unanswered questions about the Tactical map, like what does the Inceptor have to do with the Tactical map? I’ve contributed all the money that I will be contributing. I just enjoy the idea so much, I keep spreading the word about the app. I’m sure that the developers are very busy, so I don’t feel right faulting 5hem. But it’s been a while. I’m almost done as well.