Humans and Evolveds vs Zombies mode


Solo and co-op campaign, will there be a zombie mode?

Would that be even possible? If so I think that would make this game even more awesome for those who don’t/can’t afford the inceptor, this may even incline them to buy it.

The Storyline could unfold into some sort of mutations/infected Zombies and even a third generation/faction coming from human + evolved = new generation/faction :wink:


that would be pretty fun


Zombies would be a great addition to the game. So even if my friends and I have Inceptors, but we don’t want to play against each other. We could just go on a Zombie hunt. Like, a scoring contest. Where headshots are more points. Yeah, I’m thinking like a developer. I think it would only be possible outside. Where your GPS location is used. Because, how else would they spawn? If your phone knows exactly where you are, Zombies could spawn hundreds of feet away.

Maybe even drop Ammo. So we don’t absolutely need an Armory to play, and we don’t have to use our resources to kill Zombies.


It can be a weekly event around Halloween