Human Faction Brasil - Facebook for Brazilians


For Brazilians that are part of the Human Faction (Human Faction ) curtam and share to your friends:

Para os brasileiros que fazem parte da Facção Humana (Human Faction) curtam e compartilhem para seus amigos:


Gracías hermanos y hermanas. Estoy Cody de Human Faction en Facebook. Lo siento poor me espanol. Es asi asi.

Edit: Roughly: Thank you brothers and sisters. I am Cody of the Human Faction on Facebook. I’m sorry for my Spanish. It is so so.


@MadMaxTheOne I have added a translation (google translate) of your text as the rules state that all communication on the forum should be in English.

Next time please make sure to post in English or at least add an English translation of what you’re posting.
Language specific boards may be added in the future but until then please stick to English to make sure the forum remains understandable for everyone.