Huawei GR5 2017 connection problem


My device is Huawei GR5 2017(model BLL-L22) with android 7.0 can see inceptor on BT device list but can’t connect to its. But can connect with same account on Nexus7 with android 6.0.1.

On Huawei GR5:
In app after press quick match or connect inceptor, i got maybe 4 pattern

  • “Connecting inceptor” -> “Incepter not found”
  • “Connecting inceptor” -> “Connected to inceptor” but nothing happen -> some system overlay popup say “Can’t pair with inceptor” -> “Inceptor Disconnected”
  • “Connecting inceptor” -> “Connected to inceptor” but nothing happen -> “Inceptor Disconnected”
  • “Connecting inceptor” -> “Inceptor Disconnected”

From yesterday I can connect to inceptor on GR5 with some luck 2 or 3 times, but when i close an app the blue led on inceptor still on, so i have to disable my BT and incepter led will go off. Also try factrory reset but still the same.
0:09 : bluetooth device list
0:34 : in app
4:17 : App permission
4:38 : in app again

Inceptor is fully charged every time i try.

Hope somebody can help TwT


Excuse me this answer may not be what happens to you
I wrote by google traductor

I have had problems with the protection cover of my phone
It has a magnet on the lid and a metal side
I have removed and resent bluetooth
I have also said that it is a trusted device

my phone is a Samsung Note 8

I hope I help you


I’m not use any cover, but thank you AirsoftFranjo for advice.
Maybe i have to buy new phone to play this lol.


Hi! We are preparing a special app to update the firmware. Unfortunately, some Android mobile phones have a wrong advertising time for Bluetooth, they can’t handle fast advertising. The new firmware, to be installed only in case of immediate disconnection will be released in January. I’ll post here the link.


Thnak you @IamYourVirtualFather, looking forward to it :slight_smile: