How To Reset Password


Update 27 May 2016: Due a clock sync issue, some emails were not going out. That has been fixed.


I connected on fb, when will a option for connect my account with email, or g+… This… I think u understand.

How do you log into the app with an all ready existing account?

We already have the option to use email, G+ might be there in future, but we haven’t reached a decision yet on that.


What to do if you have the app but not an account.
I cant make one (crashes).
A way to have an account without beta app?


sorry, at what point does it crashes? Please open a bug report with us :slight_smile:


Hi, think i did a bug report, but to long ago to remember will try to make a new one this week.
It crashes with my LG telephone. Everytime i choose a race it crashes.
Also it gives a black screen just before i can choose the races, if i click i can see
that i can choose a race.


Unsolved Mysteries: Bugs and Issues Edition

Apparently I’ve been logged out of my e-mail (vs Facebook) based account and can’t seem to log back in.
When I try to use the Forgot Password function, it just hangs on the Loading screen after I type in my e-mail and press Okay. I never see a confirmation that it was sent.


I have the same thing happening to me. A reinstall ation of the app did not solve the issue @tarun.


Me too. Normaly I can go in without anew loggin. Since yesterday. Now the screen to selct huans or evolved. ButI cant getin Game anymore.


Yes. Same to me. To be honest: I´m not shure with which of mine adresses registered. :unamused:
But try out to reset the password for some of them. But nothing happend.


I tried a password reset, after I submit my email adress the apps keeps me in a loading screen. No email was ever arrived in my mailbox. Also checked the spam folder


Same for me since yesterday.
Was able to play till noon. Then i did a restart of my phone and after that I’m unable to log in anymore. Requesting a new password leads to “loading” screen…no further message or activity. no Mail.