How to Confirm Your Shipping Address


With the early shipments of Inceptors on the horizon, it might be a good idea to confirm where they’re being shipped to.

If you backed the project, you can confirm this by logging into IndieGoGo, then doing the following:

  1. Click your name in the upper right of the site.
  2. Click “My Contributions.”
  3. Locate the Father.IO campaign, then under the Perks column, click “View Order Details.”
  4. Under “Payment” in the lower left of the page, make sure the shipping address is right. Edit it if need be.


You can’t change the country though and I have (for some reason) Afghanistan selected.


Uh-oh. Is this going to be an issue for you? @wolkenjaeger


Yes. Although I have sent support an email, but never got a confirmation that it will work out. And yes… it will be an issue, when they send it to Afghanistan, as I will not be able to pick it up.


I’m passing this up the chain to you guys, @Sapper and @RaNar.

I can confirm. The country field on the IndieGoGo page for changing shipping address is disabled and grayed out, but everything else is changeable. This can’t be fixed at a contributor level. I dont feel comfortable pinging the devs, but I’ll let you guys make that call if you feel it’s right.


i have the same issue. how can i fix it?


@Ascot and @wolkenjaeger, it seems this is the official IndieGoGo solution. You would need to contact the campaign manager(s) by following these steps.


I’m unable to change the country as well. No reply on my pm and post at Indiegogo. Can any of the devs help?