How To Balance Out XP System with Backers/Non-Backers!


There has been news of the individuals who are the backers that have purchased the intercepters from Indego will play the game differently. The way is that if you a backer, all of the class will get XP equally. It doesn’t matter what class you play as. If your a non backer, then you will get XP, but you will need to play in the class that you want to grind for. I want this idea to stay the way it is. What can happen is this, if you get 100xp from a game then the xp will go in the class your playing as. But if your playing the game as a backer then what can happen is that you get 1% XP bonus. So you will get 101xp. After the game is over each class can get 25.25 XP. The backers are getting the bonus and at the same time it is not making them very op. I believe that this ideas can make the games economy very balanced. Sorry for my incorrect grammar.