How do you log into the app with an all ready existing account?


Ahh you mean it is some kind of captcha? I didn’t think about that, but it would make sense.
In Ingress there is none and the chat is flooded with bots trying to sell stuff. But I think this is a case where coincidence is mistaken for correlation, as there is just no point in bots spamming the game at its early stage. There is kinda nothing to win for them.
And regarding the splash screen: I do like the way it looks and sounds, just not the fact that it has to be skipped manually. Maybe show it for 2 seconds or something? Or as you suggested an option. Just something

EDIT: What I just came up with: Why not make it the loading screen?


sorry to interrupt, but i think there is already a loading screen. sorry if im mistaken!


Yes, there is, but it is kinda boring isn’t it? So why not replace it with the fancy video we already have in the app?


Not sure where it is, but there has been talk about the loading times and how the next major update will include better tiles and features which will help either decrease or get rid of the loading screens. @Kaj @RaNar @rangerwolfy @RandomName @DarthVader may be able to clarify. But I wouldn’t want the picture from the “splash screen” to pop up in place of the current loading screen. I like the current one because it’s subtle and simple, and it doesn’t seem like it puts a lot of work on the phone.


Hey @Sapper you know about as much as us. -.- But there is really nothing else I can mention. I think @Kaj @tarun or @IamYourVirtualFather would be the better bets for that kind of information. That’s just my personal opinion.


Ah I thought there was talk somewhere about loading screens, loading times, and something about the hexagon tiles being easier to load than the square tiles or something. :astonished:


rightly said. And, one of the reasons of having that splash screen is that - when in the coming months we will release ‘another portion’ - you will have the option to choose MMO or ‘that’ from the splash screen.


Smart move. Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:


I like ‘other portion’ and being able to select ‘that’ in a splash screen. The splash screen looks great, music sounds good, and hopefully we won’t have to deal with those pesky loading screens while moving :sunglasses: Thanks for the hopeful reply :smiley:


Well Ok, it actually makes sense then…

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Sometimes, when I try to log in, it can’t figure out what my password is. This probably has something to do with your single server handling everything.
The login server should at least be a seperate process that doesn’t fail when you update the game.

I cannot log in with facebookp at the moment; this happens when you add a new feature and/or update the game/server.


I am having similar issues. Login screen says that my user name/ password don’t work, Facebook login doesn’t work, and it won’t send an email when I click on forgot password.

I really like the idea of the game. It just won’t let me play . . .


I too cannot sign in with Facebook. I am curious if I am able to sign in without facebook when that functionality is not available. I tried using the forgot password function, but after entering my email address it just sits at a loading screen and never does anything.


@IamYourVirtualFather Whats the problem? How can we fix this? BTW, this happens almost once every month.


I found this in the post about the road problems:


I can also not login via password. Retrieving password as per suggested process keeps showing me a loading screen after I submit my email adress.


I am not sure that you can reset a connected facebook account.

It seems that they are upgrading their (currently small) server to account for the influx of new users. The server will probably be back up before Sunday.


Well I don’t have Facebook so that’s not a cause.
More likely the servers are updated indeed.


There was an update of servers. If you’re still having issues please let the T.M.T know or one of the Devs. All of us are trying to answer questions where we can.

Now as to the login thing. My only answer that I can give is this: I don’t know if the Facebook login works but most of the players I know have used an email login instead of the fb login. This may be the issue or it nay be something else entirely. If it’s working, please let me know.


I still have the following question: If you signed up with a Facebook account and there is a problem with the Facebook login, is it possible to sign in with your Facebook account email address and password? Or, can you request a password for your account, using your Facebook email account.

I ask this because typically any website I use my Facebook account to login to, registers me an account using the primary email address of my Facebook account. In most cases, I can sign in to a website I have logged into with using my Facebook account by using Facebook -OR- by using my primary Facebook email address plus an assigned password.


After I was done posting and now that the Login is working properly, I tested out the forgot password function and used my primary Facebook account email address. I was sent a reset request by email and was able to change the password to something I know. Now I am able to login with Facebook or manually with my email/password.