How do you log into the app with an all ready existing account?


I just got the app and created an account but, after that the app crashed and wouldn’t let me back on to my account. And when I tried to re create an account it says that an account with my email already exists. Also I don’t see whether in the app to log in with an already existing account.
I see this as a problem because when people get a new phone and want to still play they won’t be able to access their accounts on their new device.
Please correct me if I’m missing something in the app where you can log in with an existing account.

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Have you tried making an account with other e-mail account?


You can sign in or reset your password as explained here:

If you dont see the “Sign In” button, please re-install the app


OK, I deleted and downloaded it and now I see the button. But, when I click it it only flashes and makes a sound.


Hey, I know it’s been a while. Just wanted to make sure your issue had been resolved, or if you’re still having trouble.


Everytime I open Father.IO, I need to click on the sign in button (my account connected to FB).
Every single time. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what? Or it’s related to the problem @Asher had?
Kinda annoying though to have to sign in everytime I opened the game.


From my understanding, if you log in using your email and password you won’t have to login again - you’ll just get a button that says “Enter The Beta”.

I’m not too sure about logging in with Facebook.


I’ve tried clicking on the button “Enter The Beta” but it leads me to the tutorial page (as if I’m creating a new account).


i think you hv to logout on your old device…maybe?


I never logged in from any device besides what I’m using now…still waiting for answer…
but the problem doesn’t stop me from playing! lol.


I see. When you go through the tutorial, is it the exact same as before the latest update? Do you still see squares or did the tutorial update too?

Also, when you complete the tutorial, does it take you to a login screen where you can put in an email and password? If possible, could you post a screen recording? That’d be helpful


Here is the link for the screen recording upon clicking on the “Enter The Beta” button.

And this is the link for the screen recording upon clicking the “Sign In” button.


Thank you for the videos!

So it seems that if you want to login using Facebook, you’re always going to have to go through that two step login.

If you actually input your email and password, then the next time you start up the game you’ll get a screen like this (that doesn’t have another “sign in” option):

This may change with the updates, but that would be up to @IamYourVirtualFather @tarun and the rest of the Dev team!


Hey there, new here.
Is there some way of skipping this “Enter the BETA” button on every login? I know it is better than the two-step login you reported about logging in with Facebook, but it is still kinda annoying…


Doesn’t seem that way. Having to go through a log in menu isn’t much different from other games. If you want to make sure that you don’t have to go through the tutorial or keep doing the two step Facebook log in, just log in with your email and password :smile:


Yes, I did this, my question was wether there was a way of not getting shown this “Join the Beta” button where there is no other option anyway. It just seems a bit unnecessary.


You mean something like an ‘auto-login’ that would take you straight from the “Proxy42” screen directly to your game?


Exactly. I don’t really see the necessity of this button press.


Oh man, I don’t mind bout that. But I think @IamYourVirtualFather should do something bout this matter, because believe me, most of us (i mean my generation) would just link it to Facebook.


It seems like it is more of a formality. Many games take you to the “splash” screen before playing. But having players go straight into the game would speed up the launch and allow faster actions/reactions. I personally think the splash screen looks and sounds awesome. :sunglasses:

Maybe have an option in the “settings” for those who don’t want the splash screen when they start up the game?

Maybe the splash screen was put there to prevent bots from spamming the game? We mentioned in another post how the chat might be flooded with bots, so maybe the splash screen can prevent bots from flooding the network?