How do we level up?


We have our name displayed, and below it is our level, why does this not change ? How do we level up ? I have claimed nearly 30+ tiles and have 1/3 filled with buildings, fully levelled up to level 3 Max.


The leveling system won’t be applied until full release. This has been asked numerous times in topics both made specifcially for this question and also in random spots throughout the other topics.
Just letting ya know ^^
Hope you have a great day.


So will the progress made so far, up until the full version is released, be applied towards your account ? Like will all my progress be applied going into full version ? Will I be able to play still without the inceptors ? Or will it be required to continue ?


The inceptor is only for the fps side of

As to the other question, I truly don’t know. I’m sorry.


Ok, well thank you very much :slight_smile: