Hosting Local Events


That would be awesome! I live like 30 minutes away from stone mountain.:+1:


As I recall, @tarun said it was ok to rent any additional inceptors you own, and even making a business out of it (at least, that’s the way I understood it).


“nope that’s not a problem. rent out as you want. you can even setup a ‘gaming arena’ or laser tag zone in your area for this.”

Source (last post): Can i upgrade from normal to job-switching account?

Golly gee, I do hope I’m right on this one. Still, I would wait for confirmation first.


It would be a personal claim on the arena. Not an exact business per say.
As to renting… well… that’s if you trust people.


Just recently followed the Hawaii Community page. So far, only two followers including myself are active in that community.

I got 4 inceptors, the other guy has 8.


This is my first post, I’m a old timer that is here to say I like the future potential of Father i.o. I was a promoter of scenario paintball games that did very well. The potential for this platform is almost unlimited by your imagination. The ability to combine augmented and real-world into scenarios is going to bring a whole new level of creativity to an immersive experience that has not been seen before. I highly stress that the team names be editable in the program. Skins based on the scenario situation is vital so artist can freely engage in providing fresh new materials related to sponsors. Assignment of inceptors teams unlimited “100 versus 100 example” Or multiple teams that collaborate and merge as allies in game. Incorporate this new crypto currency into a unified game economy. Build a rep and get payed!


Great ideas. All but crypto are already in the works.