Hosting Local Events


Aloha Everyone,

A group of my college friends started a small team here in Hawaii that is interested in playing and promoting Father.IO across the state. Our intent is to promote Father.IO across the state of Hawaii, starting with the college communities. We have a dedicated team of 20 college students and alumni that are great at planning events and engaging with the community. Hopefully we can grow into a larger team as we expand. We are all hyped up and excited to see how far we can take this.

Our end-state is to be able to host Father.IO events in various areas around the state, while promoting a healthy, safe and action-filled environment where excited participants can convene from all communities.

I would like to open this thread by asking Father.IO representatives, backers, enthusiasts, future event hosts and professionals alike for some suggestions and ideas for organizing and hosting local tournaments. I am well acquainted with planning and executing military operations, organizing local events, and reaching out to various vendors for support. I already have some tournament ideas in mind for September and October, including prizes and locations. I’ve taken upon myself to order some prizes to give out as well. I would like to be able to promote Father.IO to the public and social networking, but I’m not too experienced in the field of business and marketing.

Anything helps, and I hope we can all share information here for each other to use, since we will be the Leaders of Father.IO in our communities.

Mahalo (Thank you)


I love the idea. I was thinking of doing the same thing wherever I settle.


I’ll be more than happy to collaborate with you when you do! I’ve ordered two L33T Team Packages for my friends here. The rest I’ll probably use for the events. Would this be considered a business, or an extension of Father.IO if I host local tournaments here? I don’t want to run into any legal issues.

@rangerwolfy I’d like to help Father.IO with hosting events similar to ingress anomalies. I have a lot of friends who still play Ingress and have been to a lot of those events. They have a lot of great ideas and have hosted local events, but I’m a lot more excited for Father.IO gameplay than Ingress.


As far as I know, legal wise, it would be neither. Just a form of raising awareness.


Hopefully they will create more events similar to ingress anomalies if not we can create cool events on our own


I was thinking along the same level in my area. The indiegogo stage 4 mile stone was never met for works on an annual EVENT tournament. ESPORTS!

The roll you are talking about kinda aligns itself as a local admin (Commander). I think the scope/roll is still being fleshed out. Just reading all the forums, FATHER.IO ™ artwork is being solicited to eventually create apparel/gear which is good for marketing.

I feel your passion brotha!


Yeah, I feel like we would have to meet that milestone before Father.IO starts recruiting for an events team. Honestly, I would enjoy working under Father.IO to plan not just the annual event tournament, but maybe eventually “qualifiers” around the world throughout the year. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; too soon!

I have an online apparel shop, and have posted a few potential products in this post. Looking forward to seeing the artwork!


Is hosting a Father.IO tournament gonna be like hosting any other gaming tournament? For example, there’s an entrance fee for the tournament, and prizes can be given to winners. Is there going to be a business/legal problem if we charge people to participate in a tournament that we host? Prizes could be a percentage of the money pool, as well as other prizes (Father.IO theme gear)


Something awesome would be a tournament that Changes the Story of the game. Like the Ionian Boots in LoL


I have an idea for those interested in hosting local events. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but I will as soon as I get back from training in August. The idea is to be able to record the battles from multiple angles on the battlefield: players’ POV, players’ phone screens, various angles around battlefield. There are programs that allow you to show your phone screen on a laptop wirelessly. Use a program like this while recording your desktop, you could have multiple views in a single video :sunglasses:

Waiting on Black Friday and for Apple to release the new MacBook Pro.


What a good idea! I’d like to see battles on YouTube, maybe involving parkour and other crazy things. The only counterpart is that the game may run slower while recording the screen, making the battle sorta unfair. Also the players would have to carry laptops on their backs to avoid losing connection with the recording device. We’ll have to get the best gear ever LOL


And I have an idea on who to ask to do the movie… One of the Human Faction guys on Facebook… In fact, he’s here on the forums too. (cough @DemonWaffle cough)


Oregon-Human chapter 541 Reporting in…lol

i went ahead and bought the 300 leet package probably have a good group of 10 at least here in my local area. think i got couple joining in the Seattle area and looking to keep adding will fill you guys in.


Keep up the good work. I’ll be trying to travel here and there. So hopefully I’ll be able to get out your way at some point.


@RaNar hahaha yeah that sounds like fun let me know!


Lol i just posted a similar idea, I would like to do this where I live. I know lots of people interested and willing to participate and help out. Bring in funding and what not for me is a little bit of an issue but I’m sure I could find sponsors and donors and what not but also I didn’t want to run into any legal issues with the company. Just promote the game and have lots of fun while bringing the community together, I think it would be great!


You could get surprisingly fluffy with these events. Drop off packages in specific areas and lead your faction on a geocaching style hunt for “intel” culminating in a big attack on a specific place.


@HarperUS and @Daedalus. I agree with you both. It would be truly interesting. And as to a massive attack, that’d be fun.


@HarperUS I would definitely start making a list of local vendors in your community that would be willing to sponsor the event, even if it’s just soda or monetary donations which you can use to purchase prizes, so as long as you advertise their products. I’m not too sure how to start that up, but I’m sure someone on the forums has done it before!

@Daedalus That sounds like a lot of fun to me! I can already hear chatter over the net, “Evolved units are moving in on a main POI and capturing surrounding areas!!! We need reinforcements to assemble on area #1234567890”.

Does anybody have any areas that they’ve already scoped out to be pretty good places to host tournaments at? For outdoors, I found a nearby park that we could possibly all meet up at, but I think I may have to contact my county’s recreations office to rent out the park or something.


I’m down for hosting one at Stone Mountain Ga