Help with idea!


So i bought the L33T package people have lost interest or have just moved away. lost in what i should do so thinking of just buying phones link accounts and just create default names.

#1 So whats a cheap reliable phone that this would work and look good on?
#2 what are some bad ass nicks( 4 humans and 5 evolved!)
^i already have one and its human and awesome so just need 9 nicks :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this will be the best way to enjoy keep control of the accounts intel i can trade or w/e. might just get random people to join in. or do like a rental thing who knows lol


For the phone Iā€™m running a Moto E and headshot game seems to run smooth and looks fair sofar for about half the price of most phones. 7.1 operating Android system with Verizon carrier.

Made by Lenovo who are one of the sponsor companies for the of the project.