Harvesting and Raiding glitches


Great! So this is an ongoing issue. Can you try and send a drone to harvest that POI or Area? Although it says 0, it may still have some. Let us know! :sunglasses:


So if i tap on either the solar panel or the crypto miner it shows me that there are no resources inside (Screen1), but if i actually click on harvest i do harvest (Screen2) the specific kind of resource that is being produced in the respective building.

Device: Vernee Apollo Lite
Android: 6.0
If you need any more specific specs just tell me, but i did not want to post every system information there is since i don’t know which is actually relevant.



Screen2 (some seconds after Screen1):



When I click on a solar field or the coin thing they show 0 collected even though they have some in them when I collect


yeah it also happen to me here in madrid-spain


Well I don’t think that they are going to fix those bugs in the app we are using because they concentrate on the new one so i suppose we will have to live with them for now :smiley:


So now I have been having a werid glitch while using the drone sometimes it doesn’t return and just stays on the grid tile where I sent it harvest. Unless I close the app completely and restart it won’t budge.


This is something that’s been brought up. We are well aware of this one. It won’t be fixed until the full release though.


I had another strange glitch today, there is a orange square that had a solar panel built next to it but not inside the tile, I thought I would capitalize on this and claim the tile with the solar panel. I claimed the tile but I can not harvest the panel as if it was enemy territory.


Yes, this happens some times when people try to build a POI. It would some times get built into an adjacent square. I believe they fixed this, but if the problem exists, just take a snapshot of the area number and post it here.


HI. I don’t even see this big circle after pressing on my buildings. Samsung Galaxy s5 Mini.