Harvesting and Raiding glitches


I’m finding harvesting to be glitching when I’m trying to harvest from my claimed areas. Basically there’s no resources to be harvested even after waiting 24 hours and checking in regularly. I’m also finding that my buildings (crypto miner and solar panels) are also not producing resources as described. Do I need to level them up or something to get resource production happening??

I’ve also tried raiding but the raid timer keeps bugging (changing time) and resetting itself. If it were blocked I’m assuming there would be a dialogue box that would tell you so but I’ve had nothing.

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Tiles should be producing resources at about 2.5 per hour (IIRC). Solar Panels and Crypto Miners produce 60 per 24 hours. If you’re not seeing this, then yes, I would suggest there is a problem.


As @Jarod997 stated, resources should be producing over time. You said you waited over 24 hours to see if your claimed areas produced any resources and it still said 0. This is definitely a bug that you may be experiencing around your area. @tarun Although, it has been over 9 days, could you confirm that you are still experiencing this bug?

Also, there are a lot of problems with the raiding function right now. So far, the ‘minute’ counter begins 1 (one) minute late, and then changes to the correct minute about 30 seconds into the countdown. If you’d like to see the glitch in real-time, here is a link to the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcIZDPflxEo

Could you please confirm that you are experiencing the resource production glitch please?


I was curious about this, as I am a new player and I built both solar and crypto buildings and even upgraded them to level 3. I was never sure what the point was because they never “appeared” to give any resources, they always showed zero. But then one day I clicked harvest anyways and I suddenly got both coins and energy from the two buildings.


First farming should be instantaneous. After that it takes 24 hours to refill. If it’s not working properly, please submit a ticket.


It’s there. There is a bug that just shows it as zero/none/“0”. Send your drone anyway to collect, then watch and see if your amount was raised or not. It should increase.


Same thing, I’ll try to explain in detail… (I had to break this into multiple posts because of the restrictions on my account as a new user)

  1. When I click on my Level 3 Solar Panel, it shows the following on screen:

    If I click on info, I get the following screen:



Both screens show that there is nothing available to harvest, nothing has been produced. However, if I click on Harvest anyways, then I get the following screen…

  1. When I click on my Level 3 Crypto Miner, it shows the following on the screen:

    This continues in the same manner as the Level 3 Solar Panel: I click info and see ZERO for Current Resource Production, but when I harvest the Crypto Miner anyways, I receive 60 coins.

I hope this explains is more clarity and shows the problem that we are both having. Thank you for your assistance!


LOL, You beat me to the punch. I was actually gonna explain it via youtube video.


Hey, great find! Just a few troubleshooting questions.

  • When does this occur? (i.e. Immediately after building new POI, The next day, etc.)
  • Does it show the same when you go to send a drone?
  • Is it just POIs or does it show for the Area too?

I hope we can figure this out for @tarun and @IamYourVirtualFather guys :sunglasses:


Always. Even old not upgraded coin und energy buildings show 0 but when you
harvest you get the usual amount. The buildings work but the Info isnt


In response to your additional questions…

  1. This issue is ongoing, everyday, all of the time.
  2. Of course the drone can pick up the harvest, because the harvesting action itself works. It is when you click on the building and check the building’s info that it displays there is nothing produced or available for harvesting.
  3. Good question, the areas themselves work fine, it is only the buildings that you build yourself.


Thanks for this. I was looking for a solution.


Here a link to an video, to show you the problem



I have been running into the same problem. It only showed up after the last update, and has consistently shown ALL solar panels and bitcoin miners as zero. I can still harvest just fine, though I didn’t think to try until I read this post! Thanks for that. I was having trouble making enough resources to do anything, and before the update I felt like I was flying high with the monies. Up until this point I just assumed bug and ignored.

Though its annoying, this bug obviously does not get in the way of gameplay once we know whats happening.

Thanks for the screen posts and stuff guys.


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So i just got the game, its pretty cool but it def needs a better map and for some reason the mines i built always show "0 and 0 for both resources. When i go and actually harvest them, it will give me the resources though. Pretty depressing that such a basic beta has a bug as bad as that. And then the map? Some random gas station at the outskirts of town shows up on the map, but when i go into a city the only thing that shows up is a intercection (barely any road, and its a fairly large city) and no landmarks or anything? Like legit /:


Hi @WhiteFangz! The map that you see isn’t final. It’s getting a complete overhaul, so I’m guessing the map you see right now is being abandoned for the most part. This is what the map should look like when it’s revamped.


And to answer your question about the bug, it is well known. And it will be fixed whrn the full game gets launched.


The amount of the resources ar not shown anymore. Neither when selected nor if you show the info screen.