[Hardware Update] The new pcb are ready!


I think the final product should be dipped in a barrel of epoxy, dried, and then put in the case and shipped. Master lock does this with their Bluetooth locks, and the locks are completely waterproof.

In fact, could the entire device be made out of a sort of super glue rubber mould?

The circuit board could be like the film you find on an old USB keyboard.
The case could be made out of one of the glues where it’s sort of rubbery and doesn’t break. It would also be color customizable. I want a dark green one!
It would be helpful for if you drop your phone, it just bounces a little. If you had a waterproof phone, you could play ‘Father.IO - Tactical Ocean Explorers Beta’ and everything would be fine! Maybe you should get the device rated for 10/15BAR. My watch is 20BAR.


nice !!!


Good~~ I can’t wait~~


Rain is something we will have to consider. It is a pretty big factor in Ingress today during anomalies.


+1 here


Pfft rain in ingress just runs off the wusses… Waterproof phone and or ziplock bag handles that easily … With this hardware “if we ever see it” it will be a tad more daunting but not insurmountable .


Looks like they should be manufacturing inceptors with the expectation that it will be played mostly outdoors. There will be a separate option to play indoors, so they must have assumed that at least.


@Sapper we are working also in the indoor version, the result are really good so far.


@IamYourVirtualFather Yes! Awesome sauce. :sunglasses:


Still waiting humans


Still waiting! Over a year now!!


we know. they have had some setbacks due to great opportunities for them but if you look at the father.io web page then you can see where their latest status is.


It’s probably too late for this… But what if you dipped the PCB in some sort of waterproof rubber compound, and made it use Qi wireless charging? Then rain wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Take a look at the inside of a Bluetooth Masterlock for an example. That thing can be dropped in a lake and still work!


Is there a release date for those of usf on Indegogo awaiting our units to ship? How do we know which ship group we are in?