[Hardware Update] The new pcb are ready!


as promised here’s an update on the hardware. We finally received the new pcbs. can’t wait to test in-depth this.
We’ll you keep you posted with some of our results

Does anyone know what they are working now

Looks good.
Keep up the good work.


YEAH! Getting closer and closer to destroy humanity!


im so sorry but i don’t agree with that man!!!:joy::joy::joy:


You mean destroying the Evolved Goldfish right?? Lol.

Keep up the great work guys. Hope to see some additions to the beta soon too!! :slight_smile:


no, no, no. I know what i said @RaNar. Thats why the game is named after us (the virus). Cause we will end up defeating you


@DarthVader, We are going to fight one day… And you’ll see that the Humans will prevail.


@DarthVader tbh the virus father.is is just a virus that corrupted you golden fishlings (wtf why did I write this :expressionless:)


Those look really nice! Can’t wait to see the results!



This is amazing to watch happen so we know these devices inside and out. I will proudly wipe out all humans with these and my team. We aerial eagirly waiting for the release. Take your time guys get it right and keep quality up


Geez… These Goldfish… They think they can take us humans out? They lost their circuits!!

As I said earlier, looks really nice. Keep it up.


Guys less fighting in a forum and more harvesting! Looks geekly wonderful. Keep up the great work!


No offence, but that board looks really “busy”. Are you sure you can’t simplify things a bit?


I was thinking the same thing. How sturdy and water resistant will the Inceptor be. I say water res because by the looks of that board, water proof would be asking too much i think. But still glad you all are making progress. Like the others say, take your time so this game can be a groundbreaking experience.


It is definitely going to be a ground braking game. You ask why? Because I say so :smile:


Getting closer and closer! I can’t wait :grinning::grinning:


We can, and we are :smiley:


Would there be any way to purchase (or 3d print) a sniper lens attachment? It would clip on and extend the range by focusing the RF cone a little. I think this would be useful when you’re playing in a high-rise, and you’re twenty stories up and you’re able to take down one of the other players from farther than 300 meters. You would have to be really accurate though because you focused infrared beam so much.


I find it unfortunate that we hear so little about the proceeds of the process.
would appreciate it if there occasionally would get a message with the status