Hard to read certain pages


Can we get some background fill for the profile/settings pages? It’s very hard to read anything. Thanks


And I’m guessing that’s why the site background image was just removed…


Working on a fix. Thanks!


I was about to say it’s ok on mobile but that might just be with the background gone then.


added a new background which is less fancy, but more visible! What do you think?


On mobile it looks ok. Can’t say for PC.
The resizing of the input fields for mobile on the profile settings might also be something to look at.

Edit: tried to attach an image but couldn’t. PM me for screenthots.


I’m not sure if you’re referring to the background image, but the blackfill for the content looks good.


Looks like @IamYourVirtualFather fixed it already, can you confirm @Philistine11 ?


Yes, with the blackfill it is now easy to read @tarun. Thanks


the page is jumpy on iOS iph 6+ but works fine on iPad pro


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