(Hacking-)Power Percent Issues


It does happen. Now why did you have to tell them…? Lol. It is a beneficial bug. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I’m sure others have reported it too.


Haha cause a bug is a bug


I know lol. As I said, I’m sure others have reported it lol.


I really thought i was the only one


After looking at this and playing more I noticed it to but its not actually very often what it seems like to me is there is a reserve of 50 after the initial 100 that takes more time to accumulate. I have only noticed it show up after extended (IE about a day) time without playing where as if you play multiple times in a day and hit 100 I have noticed that it only does twice and the max I’ve had at longer times is 150 as evident by claiming and building at the same time.( I would have times when instead of 3 claims I would end under 50% after 2 claims) If this makes sense it seems to me like this could be intentional as a means to help players who don’t get on as often and I think its a good idea to have it fill to 100 quickly then trickle in more slowly to 150 over an extended period of time


You’re right on the spot. But the 150 mark is from over a day of not playing. Takes roughly 20 hours to 24 hours AFTER the initial 100 is reached.
At least this is what I have observed.


That’s about what I have been experiencing as well though haven’t had the time to test it


This bug is still live, but I’ve had this happen to me multiple times throughout the day in the recent month. In fact, it happened to me about twice yesterday, once while I was working on the tutorial (still figuring out if I’m going to leave it in there)

Don’t hate me, but I’m tagging @tarun lol Hopefully they decide to keep this ‘reserve’ Hp until the full release :wink:


I am having accuracy problem with the power bar. Here is what i did: i claimed two areas, my power bar dropped down to zero. then i moved to another tile of the game where there is a sandwich and had few bites on it: my power bar quickly reaches 100% again. But then i tried to claim a new area and i got the pop-up saying i need at least 50% power, while the GUI showed my power bar to 100%.


Interesting find!

Maybe it has something to do with your service/wifi connection? I’m sure that it would reset if you restarted your app. :sunglasses:


Ok so Im new to the game and if anybody could answer me this Id be happy. I just need to know how fast is power re-chargeing and if we always lose 50 power after we claim an area.