(Hacking-)Power Percent Issues


Is it just me or is the power bar a bit… confusing!? :confused:
–All of the scenarios are after an refresh (“loading”)–

Scenario A)
The Powerbar shows e.g. 55% but if I want to claim a field it tells me I need at least 50. !?

Scenario B)
The Powerbar show 100%. After claiming (and refresh) its at … about 92%/85% or so… So in short time I could claim 3 tiles.

Does this happen to you too? Or should i change my medicine?

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Same here :slight_smile:


Another bug to solve in the next release @tarun


Mine seems to show 100%
@IamYourVirtualFather good to know fix coming, cheers! :beer:


There have been times where I claim a territory with 100%, and it still shows 100% after the first claim. After the second claim, it would decrease to 50%, and 0% after the third claim. So yes, right now I think that you can potentially claim three areas consecutively.


I too am having issues with power. I was at 25% after claiming one tile and that was three hours ago. Now I’m at 26% and can’t go anything. How long should it take to recharge?


You should get 100% power in less than two hours. That’s totally not normal.


You have to refresh the game. In order to do that, you can do any of the following:

  • claim a neutral territory
  • send drone to harvest or deposit resources from an adjacent square
  • harvest the “area” you are in (not the structure)
  • deposit resources into a bank
  • move the screen to the edge of the map until it reloads


Let’s say your power is at 25%. Then you do something else for two hours without completely shutting down the game (its still running in the background). When you come back and check the game, your power is the same because the game never reloaded. So if this happens to you, just try claiming another territory or anything listed above. It should work.


the more you have the game window open the faster the power recovers it feels. still testing out with gaining territories


I’ve noticed that if you wait for it to recharge and then try to claim one after it gets back above 50% it pops up that need more than 50 pop up. Have to exit the game then reload to fix.


tied into this power glitch where yo can claim 3 squares using 100% power if you claim the resources and bank the the resources walk out of the squares you claimed and restart the game it keeps the registered resources deposited. refreshes the new claimed squares with refreshed resources and you can drone harvest them again.


That’s what I learned. I left it open on my desk and it fill up quick.


I had written this on a similar post so I copied and pasted my findings here as well.

After looking at this and playing more I noticed it to but its not actually very often what it seems like to me is there is a reserve of 50 after the initial 100 that takes more time to accumulate. I have only noticed it show up after extended (IE about a day) time without playing where as if you play multiple times in a day and hit 100 I have noticed that it only does twice and the max I’ve had at longer times is 150 as evident by claiming and building at the same time.( I would have times when instead of 3 claims I would end under 50% after 2 claims) If this makes sense it seems to me like this could be intentional as a means to help players who don’t get on as often and I think its a good idea to have it fill to 100 quickly then trickle in more slowly to 150 over an extended period of time


I noticed the same. Sometimes it would let me claim 3 territories at once as if there was a 50 power reserve. However, it may only be lag or, like you mentioned, due to inactivity. It should be fixed in the update.


I think its actually a good idea and if they didn’t intend it they should add it in.


I’ve just started playing. I’ve claimed one square. Can’t claim any more. Power says 65 … confused noob is me.


fixed it !


The first two tiles takes 25% power each ( 50% total) the third tile to claim takes 50%. At least that is what happens to me.


Here are the issues from this post @tarun:

I think this one hasn’t been fixed yet. I can still claim 3 times at once sometimes, so as long as my percentage bar shows 100%.

Has this theory been tested by anyone? And what is the HP recovery rate anyway?

And now @SuicideSquad issue.

Mid-Month Bug/Issue Roundup!

Ok so what i have noticed that when i am @100% power which is max i will claim two squares/territories. this cost 100% power. 2x50%. but i have noticed i will have extra power in my bar. is there a power overflow that we have is this normal to have power left over?

anyone can let me know if it happens with them too? not sure if this is a bug !