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Goood morning!

My name is Robert, I’m a graphic artist and merchandise producer. I have over 15 years industry experience in Graphic Design, Branding, and Product Design and for the last few years I have been the largest single Swag Producer for the mobile ARG Game Ingress. I am also the SwagMaster General for Easy Company and did the logo previously posted by Rangerwolfy as one of the mockups for our Unit Badge/Team Logo. I will be doing more as time allows, but since Niantic Labs has approached me with an offer of a license agreement and I’ve not heard from Father.IO yet… my time could be primarily devoted there.

To the Father.IO staff, you might want to dig out my application to you, I have manufacturing contacts and swag design/distribution experience and this is something that you need to begin focusing on out of the gate instead of waiting three years in like Niantic has done.

Till Our Crosshairs Meet,
The SwagMaster
Robert Vaughan


All hail the Swag Master General!!

I already put your first offering to us to good use :wink:

took link to post down. Unfortunately due to thread rules i would open it up to everyone to use. Sorry guys for now its just for Easy Company. Hopefully you may get a option to join us officially some day.