Green light = fully loaded?


After hooking my inceptors up with some power through a mini-usb cable the lights eventually turned green.
Taking them off the powercable inflicted some flashing of lights and then the lights turned off.
When i put em back on the powercable the stay orange.
Seemed kinda weird to me.


green light means fully loaded - orange means in charging.
Happy for suggestions / feedback to give a better ux


Same thing with me on the disconnection of cable. I’m thinking it’s normal because even after I plugged it back in for another hour, and disconnected, same deal. It should be fine.
Had worried me at first, I won’t lie.


Right now it seems green light is at 100% only?
So taking it off the charger results in an immediate loss of the tiniest bit of power and the loss of “green” status.
Suggestion to keep it “green” while it is ok to use and have it turn orange at midlevel and red at critical?
(Traffic sign method, but i reckon you figured the analogy and all… )

Just trying to help.


Thanks for the feedback! These are exactly the kind of suggestions we are looking for.