Google Play Games


I just used the Android Settings to clear the data from the app. I was just testing to see if the game would let me use my Google Play Games account to sign into the app. As soon as I opened the app, I was asked to allow all the permissions it needs, and then it asked me to choose which Google Play Games account I want to use. I chose my account, but the game showed “Not logged” at the top. Why? Google Play Games lets the Devs do so much with the game. I truly believe that the Devs should work on this.


Google play currently works seperately from the game login.
as far as I know it’s only used to keep track of highscores in the single-player games.

The reason for that? Might be that proxy42 wants to control all of their game accounts in once place, and it would be difficult to merge that data with the iOS players


Good answer. I now understand that half of the players will have iphones. But I bet that most of them will have a Google account. And, if you investigate more into Google Play Games, I bet you will find that you can do much more with it, across every platform.
The Devs want to make their own account system, which sounds nice. But I believe that Google Play Games does a lot of that work for you.