German User? Deutsche hier vertreten?


1 here from near Linz/Austria (Freistadt). Waiting also for My Inceptors :sunglasses:


German hier aus düren .


@WeinGamer you must provide an Engliah translation. It is stated in the forum rules. Please remember this.


Ja ich hir weist du wie ich einen inceptor kaufen kann oder wo

#25 test


Hi, I got my inceptor and am looking for players in Dresden. Have you already found some?



Enjoy it. My Interceptors are blocked from Custom service, because no CE-declaration, no german manual, so safety instruktions and so on. Will see how many Interceptors going back to sender.
I’m near Wiesbaden and the bad customs are in W.-Bibrich :frowning:
The support should anwer in 24h. I’m still waiting for answer…


Hi, I am from Siegen / NRW & I do have 2 Interceptors :slight_smile: received yesterday - still trying to get both working…PM


I think you are the nearest player around. I’m from the area of Wangen im Allgäu


Hi is your set working ? Mine (iPhone 6s & 5s ALWAYS get back to the main menue when the count down is over…
Regardsless which gamemode I choose… rgds PM


Evolved reporting in from Munich :slight_smile:
Anyone else from Munich or at least Bavaria? :slight_smile:


Moin moin,
Komme aus Berlin hab das Spiel mal wieder aktiviert aber ohne den injektor geht es wohl nicht mehr…

lohnt es sich schon das ding zu kaufen oder gibs immer noch so viele Probleme? lese ja nur schlechtes seit Mitte letzten Jahres