German User? Deutsche hier vertreten?


Hi ich bin auf der Suche oder besser gesagt würde gern wissen ob es noch andere Deutschsprachige User hier gibt?

Da dies den Austausch von Fragen und Antworten deutlich erleichtern würde.

Deshalb hier mein Aufruf an alle Deutschen Mitglieder/User .
Meldet Euch doch bitte hier in diesem Thread.


English translation

Hi I’m looking or better would like to know if there are other German-speaking users here?
This would facilitate the exchange of questions and answers.
So here is my call to all German members / users.
Please register here please in this thread.
Thank you


You must still provide an English translation.


Austrian here, got 5 additional people waiting for their inceptors.
So there’s a mini community in Graz^^


Yep, German here.

I’m from Cologne!


Detmold (near Bielefeld), waiting for four interceptors to rule the world


I’m from Innsbruck (Austria) / Schenna (Italy). :smiley:


Reporting in from both Berlin and Brunswick, traveling weekly with our beloved Deutschen Bahn :smiley:


Hey i am from the North of Germany (Papenburg) where the Cruise Lines Build there ships…waiting also for the inceptor


Greetings from Bremerhaven (Bremen)!

Waiting for our set of 10 interceptors, to have a lot of fun!


German here. Started playing today in Aachen.


Berlin Berlin


Waiting for my Inceptor here in Dresden :smiley:


Hier aus Ahrensburg Nähe Hamburg

Edit: Im from Ahrensburg near Hamburg


Waiting for Inceptor near Ulm…


Please add in an English translation, thank you.


Hello from the North near Bremen to you all!


Hi, from Rosenheim…


Hallo aus Köln.

@ToomKee schon 2 Kölner!!!

Hello from Cologne

@Toomkee already 2 from Cologne!!!

Greetings Tom


23 km north of Hamburg. Elmshorn, the blue city. In both worlds. Ingress and Father.IO - We are here to resist. Reclaim humanity. Stay independent. Don’t trust technology which pretends to have an Ego. Kill the killers. Nobody for President. Keine Macht für Niemand.


Hallo ich komme aus Hagen. Das liegt in Nord-Rhein-Westfalen.

Hello I live in Hagen. It’ s in North- Rhine-Westphalia.