Game Process on play


Here a bug i got, i have much cryptocoin and battery to buy solar ( stuff that produce battery ) but it said " you don’t have much resources ) please fix this

My location, east java, indonesia


Have you tried building a vault and depositing resources in there then farming more resources?


No i still didn’t build the vault ( afraid someone raid my teritorial ) and
stole something on my vault

Pada tanggal 22 Mei 2017 22:27, “RaNar” menulis:


You will need a vault to be able to store enough rss (resources) to build certain buildings.


Thank you for your advice i’ll try for it​:wink::wink::wink:

Pada tanggal 23 Mei 2017 07:30, “RaNar” menulis:


Thats the point of the game, to figure a way to protect actively with future inceptors and hack blocking or passively by strategic planning.


I still have found a bug, after i bought solar panel and cryptocoin mine, those building suddenly vanished after a few second apprearing on screen


Hey! I’ve found a bug! So when we build something we can see the building on screen for a little time only after then it vanished, but if the vanished building is the third building on slot we can’t build any building anymore even on screen we only see 2 building, that mean the building actually there but we can’t see or do something with it


@Tsuda_Ikamaru this is a well known bug for in the beta. This should be fixed in the full release.