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Hmm. Mobizen has an early access live streaming app… live Father.IO matches, methinks?


I already use the live. Once a day you can use it.


Is the limit just because it’s in early access?


Hi, does anyone know if there is any fps demo that has a rifle?


Yeah. Once it’s done being tested it should be opened up completely.


I’ve been doing some testing, and thus far I think I like the GameDuck app the best. You can’t get rid of the watermark like you can with Mobizen, but I think it records the face cam a little better. I feel like the face cam would be a nice touch during FPS matches.

I guess I’ll know for sure in the long term, especially once it releases and I find the best place for the face cam on the screen for me.


Send me a vid link of a recording you did so I can take a look.


I was doing a final test before I sent you a link, and I discovered GameDuck records a timestamp in the face cam. Mobizen does not.

So, Mobizen it is. It’s just cleaner, and there wasn’t much of a difference in the face cam quality anyway. I do like GameDuck for the instant social networking posting though, and there’s already a channel for Father.IO there with over 120 subscribers. No videos yet. I think everyone is waiting for release. :slight_smile:


Alright bud. But hey, if you want any advice about Mobizen just ask. I’ll answer what I can.


Hello everyone. I realized I haven’t logged in to the forum in a really long time, but my plan is still to use Mobizen as my phone screen recording app for I already have a YouTube account where I can post videos, and once I become comfortable with my presentation, Mobizen Live has the ability to stream your phone’s screen directly to YouTube. I’ll have a link for my YouTube channel once everything is set up to look more professional. I’m only considering doing this as a hobby and not as a content creator right now, so videos will only be ever so often.

Now that shipping has started I’m really looking forward to it!

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


Awesome! Do you have a link to your YouTube channel? If so, post it in your profile! :sunglasses:


It’s in my profile! Getting the icon and cover art that’s large enough is going to be a project, so that’s going on the back burner for now.

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


Thanks for subscribing to my channel @Sapper. You would be the first!

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


Have any of you tried this app.

You can live stream to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.


I’ve seen you post vids with that on Discord. I didn’t realize it could stream to all 3. I’ll have to take a look!

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)




I took a closer look at all of the apps I have and wrote up a review with considerations for streamers and branding purposes. There are certainly more available than the ones I covered, but all of the apps I tested cannot support the front-facing camera being on while using the rear camera at the same time. All of the apps can take screenshots and record sound. The specifics for each app are below:

GameDuck - As of June 2017 (the most recent post I discovered) the company supporting the social streaming app is no more. As of this writing it still works, but subscribers to the channel dropped overnight from 388 to 119. I think it’s safe to say the mass exodus has begun.

I would still suggest buying a pair of GameDuck headphones while supplies last. They’re listed as Mobizen headphones now, so maybe that means production will not cease. GameDuck as an app only had minimal features, or with a flick of a switch you could use Mobizen anyway. The headphones have a switch for recording game music, your voice, or both:

Game Launcher - This app only comes pre-installed on Samsung Android phones. Though the front-facing camera isn’t supported, you can still leave an icon on-screen, but there’s no option to turn off the timestamp. Other features include disabling notifications (except calls - you’ll want to use your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature), and locking your recent and back keys while your app is running. You’ll have to auto-detect or add your game app to their launch menu for this to work, and can still launch an app without these tools if you desire.

Mobizen - Features include leaving an icon on-screen, a personalized watermark on-screen, a countdown to recording, and the ability to turn off the timestamp. Mobizen Live (in beta) allows you to livestream to YouTube 1/day.

DU Recorder - Features include a countdown to recording, drawing on screen with a brush tool, a gif recorder, using the DU Recorder watermark, and livestreaming to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. You can also become a DU Recorder Official Game Streamer on their app’s social network if you have high-quality videos of at least 30 min each, and stream 3 or more times a week (a set time is better).

Google Play Games Recorder - Activated through the app in-game, it’s functional but features are limited. The permissions screen also means you can’t record the full 10 second countdown in prior to a match starting, you can’t remove the recording overlay, but there is no timestamp.

I don’t have the schedule to post or stream on a regular basis, so I think I might stick with Game Launcher or Mobizen for my purposes. I would highly recommend DU Recorder for more serious streamers however.

Thanks to @joarode for the DU Recorder recommendation, @RaNar for the Mobizen recommendation, and @7RSB7 for the original headphones link.

Maybe there will be a mobile video editor app review in the future?

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


I suggest also omlet arcade. Native streaming is coming to iOS too, and this will be the perfect app to stream to twitch, as iOS devices will be able to stream to youtube and Facebook natively.


Thanks @IamYourVirtualFather!

Here are the details of Omlet Arcade - Extensive social networking features, and the ability to stream to its social network, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. There’s no option to remove the recording overlay or timestamp, but the community has 3.3k members! Highly recommended for its outreach for serious streamers.

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


Very nice review, I hope you found what you was looking for. :+1: