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I just bought a Galaxy S7, and it came with an app called Game Launcher. With it, there is a button/menu overlay which allows you to easily take screenshots and video of the game you’re playing. The screenshot function works great and takes photos without the overlay, but while taking video, I noticed an avatar icon remains in the lower left corner where the playback time remains.

At first I wished the video overlay wasn’t there, but then I realized that maybe this could be good for the community around a game. Would the dev team be interested in integrating with the app at all? The only problem right now is that Game Launcher tells me Father.IO isn’t classified as a game. I assume this is how it is listed with the Google Play store.


“Let’s play” videos will probably be critical to the “evangelism” of the game. I think this is a good idea.


Correction - I have the ability to use the Game Launcher app to take easy screenshots and video on my phone with Not sure what happened, but it’s working now.

I suggest the community check it out. Should we have a thread where players can upload their media of the game?


I can potentially see YouTube creators making quite the name for themselves for being commentators on recorded gameplay.

I can see three friends who love this game and make a channel. One of them does the editing of gameplay footage from content their viewers upload to them, and the other two do a “live reaction” commentary on it to go along with the footage. They could make a killing if they do it right.

Somebody take this idea and run with it. I want to see this happen.


I’ve been testing the app, and unfortunately there are no settings to turn off the audio input channel. It will record audio from your phone’s mic, and from your headphone mic unless you can manually turn that off.

I might have an adapter and a PC headset that will work, but if there are decent looking headphones with this capability, that might be worth the investment. I’m happy to take recommendations.


I would love to do this. I have a small amount of followers so far, and hopefully the mass of them come after the full release. I’d love to do some reaction videos.

@newchonin Thank you for the recommendation to the dev team. This may be something to look at in the future, but I also think that many players may come up with other creative ways. :sunglasses:


@Sapper You’re very welcome.

I was able to successfully test my phone with a USB adapter and a USB headset. No audio was recorded after I muted my headset’s mic. That makes editing the video I capture easier when I’m not worried about the audio channel.

It looks silly though, to have the adapter and headset plugged in (and wearing a pc headset on your phone) which also does not work with my phone case on. I think it would be worth the investment to look for nice heaphones that have a mic you can mute. I’ll report on my findings!


I’ve read the PS Vita’s earbuds come highly recommended. The mic can be muted and they’re relatively inexpensive. I just might start posting videos!



Thanks @7RSB7. The software looks similar to Game Launcher, but it’s worth looking into to see if the features are more robust. I might also prefer the way these ones look. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see that recording mobile gaming seems to be a thing!


Audio channel might be useful with the FPS version…


I would agree @rangerwolfy. I guess to clarify why I was looking for a mic mute solution was that my current earbuds have a mic that is notorious for taking in too much background noise. These are also the same pair that came with my old Galaxy S5 (I don’t like how the S7’s are shaped, I find them uncomfortable).

Maybe one of the 2 headphone options in this thread have better mics. But even with the app I already have, the game’s audio is recorded. I’m just trying to avoid having a dirty audio channel due to the mic, or having to record commentary entirely separately if that’s something I decide to do.


I would just us a screen recorder app… like the AZ screen recorder. It works and I’ve used it


Not a bad idea. I just wanted the option of voice recording at a decent quality if I decide to do commentary.


The voice is not great but it works


Oh I have a video of a game I was playing on my phone at work a year or to ago on YouTube. The video was don’t record at work .


I’d suggest Mobizen honestly. Good recording app. Gives you the choice of internal or external sound recording. Most of my youtube videos are madr through Mobizen and Androvid Pro.


@Mr.Pockets Yeah, that’s basically how my current mic sounds too.

@RaNar I’ll look into Mobizen. I really like what I saw with AndroVid though. I’m all for it if I can easily edit on the go.


@7RSB7 @RaNar Thanks for your suggestions. I bought those GameDuck headphones to use with Mobizen, and I also purchased AndroVid.

Also @rangerwolfy, nice profile pic.


Thanks it’s all @SwagMaster though. I Just get to use his stiff :slight_smile: