Game is up now. Enjoy


As the title says. The game is up. There is only one issue: No update yet. This is all I know for now. If and when the update comes through I will update this as needed.
This is in General for the discussion that may or may not follow. I welcome questions and or comments.


I think you’re right; I don’t see any update to the gameplay at first glance, but I can confirm the map is up again in North America!


Where can I find this on iOS?


@Zamaupin11 you should talk to @tarun about the iOS version of father.IO. OK?


apparently IOS users have to preorder the inceptors in order to get the map beta. Its bullshit we cant even just get the app yet, but thats just how it is…:confused:


as can be read in other threads, the ios version limited to 2000 people. and therefore it was decided to give this version only the backers.


I have tried


I have pre ordered and I still can’t get an invite


Some differences I noticed since I last logged on:

  • I found it a little more difficult to do the “disappearing POI” trick.
  • No loading screen when I harvest and deposit resources in the grid square I’m currently in (there’s still a loading screen when I send out the drone)


If you read on the website you can see that the IOS beta version is only for 2000 users, but for android users it’s unlimited!


I’ve been trying for months now, it wasn’t full when I started trying.


Hey @Zamaupin11! Welcome to the forum.

Please refer to the following thread: Beta app invites

I hope this helps!