Game full release date


There are a lot of posts for the full release of the game in this forum but I haven’t seen any update yet. So when the game is going to be in the full release?




Ok @rangerwolfy




Greetings Humans and Evolved!!

As promised, we’re here with another update! The Father.IO team has come a long way, tackling many obstacles and enduring countless late nights. We’re thrilled to report that we have some very exciting timeline updates for you! Before we get into that, we must stop and thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support, in both sentiment and pre-orders. Father.IO would not be where it is today without you.

Now, for your highly anticipated production update!

Tooling (manufacturing the plastic molding for the devices) is due to be completed by second week of May. We’ll be in Shenzen, China to oversee the quality of the final product next month and we will share another update with you then.

The Contract Manufacture T1 pre-series (PCBa + Plastics) will be manufactured in May. We’ll follow up with T2 and T3 preseries, and continue testing during the next few weeks.

The packing phase will be completed by the end of May. It’s almost a wrap!

Our Certification process should reach the approval stage in June for US, EU and Canada. Product certification or product qualification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets regulations or specifications.

The App - First Person Shooter testing: the final version will be ready by the end of July. New Massive Multiplayer Online: Beta Players… keep collecting coins, energy & areas while you still can because they’ll transfer over to the full app when it is released!

And now the big one … your shipping dates:

For all our backers that pre-ordered up until March 2017, we will have 15,000 Inceptors ready to ship out this summer! The first 3,000 Inceptors will ship by JULY 31, and 12,000 more Inceptors will ship by AUGUST 14. We are still taking pre-orders now, which will ship at the end of Q3 this year. Get your friends in on the action, there’s still time for them to order and get some play in 2017!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please go to or chat with the Devs. We are committed to keeping our backers more informed with regular updates, so you can expect another update from us next month!!

The Father.IO Team

Inceptors sent?

End of July… It is 1 august, no release


They had stated in their latest update that there will be a delay.


Patience is a virtue. So I shall wait for this amazing game


Update game. 30/7/2017

When is the update & when are the inceptors being sent out.


I’m guessing another two or three weeks from today. But the content has gotten a nice update and they’re working very hard on it. :sunglasses:


Hi i was waiting for month but the update wasn’t released


They are still working on the release. We should have an update shortly


fingers crossed