Gadgets talk. I hope we can buy Sentry Guns or Turrets


I’m kinda sure that I saw Francesco saying that there will be gadgets in this game. He talked about mines, like Claymores and stuff like that. Sounds awesome, like the rest of the game.
But I would like to ask, what other gadgets will we be able to buy? And I’m making sure that the resources that I collected won’t go to waste. Because I have collected over 10,000.
I have taken my whole neighborhood and built Solar panels and Kryptomines, and a Warehouse in every area in my neighborhood. Even leveled them all to level 3. And I’ve spent countless hours harvesting with my drone.

My suggestion is to let us buy Sentry guns. That we can place on our lawn Maybe, they would be quite expensive. They could get destroyed, or taken,or have limited ammo. But don’t NERF them too much. I wish to set them up as a boundary around my neighborhood.

One more idea that I just thought of :smile:

We should have gear slots. Where all pieces of gear have an armor rating. And some pieces of gear have other boosts,like the ability to hold more ammo, or increased health regeneration. How else will we regenerate health?

And what about some achievements, or trophies of some sort?

Thanks for reading this whole thing.
Please mention any gadget ideas here.


Bases /sentry guns / ground bots … Could all be made out of one base unit easily like the old Lazer Tag star bases that shot back at you while you tried to shoot it depending on setup… +1