Fourth weapon design: Engineer SMG [feedback]


I am really happy that we can finally see some progress :wink:


That looks great!

Will the attachments be available as players level up their classes? For example, a Lvl 1 Engineer could start with an SMG with iron sight; Lvl 5 can “purchase” a red dot or holo attachment; and so on. Or will the weapon not change at all?

Either way, it looks great the way it is now.


why? why? was i so slow and not the first person to post a comment… :frowning:


Wow! Sweet… I agree about making the sights a level thing. It will give the players something to look forward to.


Awesome! I also think leveling up should unlock new items like sights.


Very nice design. I’s not something I have seen before. A lot of detail and polish. Looks like a gun can be use in real life :). I want to see more !!!


Awesome! I think different textures would look cool too.


Nice! Level up! Yes yes yes


Really cool! Will the game offer complete customizations of the weapons as well (like cod/BF)? I really cant wait till I can try the game out on my iPhone!!!


Yea, love the design but it’s a bit plain I fill


This is an awesome design and definitely needs a red dot :sweat_smile: but the paint job is a little bit basic.


Will we be able to choose our sights? It would be nice if we can customize them how we want like in Modern combat 5. They all look cool but im sure people like different stuff and hopefully youll allow that, otherwise awesome!


How would the holo sight work a/c/t the red dot?


Sorry i have iPhone
And im send name and email
How can I take the game


Please refer to this thread for Beta App Invites. @Motasm


I know that
This impossible
Because only for 2000 people


If this normal call me please how download game
No send any comments


Looks like the Glock Romi Design


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