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Wow the forums are taking off. Congratulations!

Observations: I’ve noticed a trend in people asking the same questions. Is it possible to compile like a Father IO FAQ first read or an updated QnA and pin it to the top of the forums?
Q. When is Father IO incepetpor release date?
A. blah blah Summer of 2016

Q. Why is the chat on the APP not working?
A. xxx

Q. What functions can I do with the app right now?
A. claim territories and farm energy and credit.

There are a few topics that are possibly ready to be pinned to the top, unless the forum mechanics allow us to customize our own view?

Just some thoughts and observations. Thanks!!! Don’t get too stressed out.

About the inceptor
Territories and ranks
Is there any new program to try/ test for May 2016?

Guess I could update my known info & add a FAQ.


I forgot about that reddit read! It seems to have everything! A lot of detail I forgot about. I’m even more hyped, Thank you!


I’ll update it later and make sure it gets a place on the forum.


the AMA is also a really good source of information: >>

Internet Usage?

Normally eveything from the AMA has been rewritten/covered in the reddit post I made.


yeah but reading the source sometimes is cool.


i’m wondering that does anyone know when will the inceptor be done & send?


The Inceptors early bird special will be sent in Fall of 2016. The rest will be following shortly.


Whether it is recorded into the system if I claim a lot of areas? Do I have to start again when the game is released later? Is it my rank is still in level one?


I figure your question is whether you will keep your tiles and resources after the release of the official app? That has been confirmed, yes.
And I don’t think there are ranks in the game yet so basically everyone is Level One.


Since I have been asked this (or at least answered to it) on discord multiple times, can we please add the following?

Q. When will the map come back?
A. Probably spring / late spring.