Flags and Resource Proximity Bonus


Just a few quick ideas as we get closer to full launch for the game.

Get rid of Power and the insanely slow recharge time for it; replace with ‘Flags’ - Flags can be used to Claim areas, but instead of having a bar that ranges from 0%-100% and costs 50% to Claim, make each player have a max of 5 (maybe 3?) flags, and a used flag regenerates in your inventory every 30 minutes. Currently the Power regeneration rate is like 5%/5 mins, which means waiting almost an hour to capture another territory - I feel that this is just too slow for most players who will be walking about playing this game, especially in emptier areas. Wouldn’t be a stretch to use the flag concept for raiding as well, but I have a feeling raiding will change immensely already when the inceptors integrate into the game

The next idea is a Proximity bonus for your captured areas. If an area your team captured shares a side or corner with another territory under your team’s control, both get 5 point capacity bonus to how much Coin/Energy they can hold, meaning if you hade a fully captured 3x3 area, the center would now hold 80 (40 initially, + [5x8] ), which I feel makes sense, given that it’s now in the heart of your captured territory. I feel this would encourage faction members to build and defend together, instead of wherever they can cap a territory

Just some thoughts, they can be tweaked in any way they need to of course, I’m sure I’m overlooking something


In my opinion the waiting time is right, calculating that there will be groups of 5-6 players and not one single person


Theoretically, you’re correct
However I’ve yet to see enough people playing the game to assume even a fair fraction of players will have even 3 other people to play with
I guess we’ll have to see how many people get hooked when they see people actually playing with the inceptors and pick up some for themselves
I live in the most populous county in my state (WA) and I’ve only seen maybe 20 other people who have this game, over a few hundred square miles there’s not a lot of overlap


I think its finest as is. Its based in reality and should be realistic. Pois is how reality works and yoi either clear out a poi or you dont, its not really about winning land mass but specific points. This also makes it balanced already as well as better regardless of if you are in the middle of San Francisco or in the sparse Antelope Valley were the closest clusters of pois are atleast 3-5 to even 10+miles apart. Very organic.
The power recharge system is also scaled realism. It takes alot to get to a spot then build it up and costs alot too, you have a squad go from town to town in within a few minutes constantly. This forces either to depart to a nearest captured recharge poi then continue which here requires alot of real life time and fuel (because you WILL be driving out here and a prius will get owned by this heat and distance) or to strategize your time a bit more because taking territory bleeds ability to defend w/o skirmishs while real travel is needed to do battle. Also, those recharge pois couldve been taken already so that will force you to fight more if your goal is purely expansion. Theres just no way to not play the game to success without playing as intended and i think that helps separate this game from every other console/pc title. Reality doesnt change to suit certain people, you must show greatness by adapting.

(If that isnt a fortune cookie already)


I’d have to agree with @NXRACER on this one. All I have to say.


I’m having trouble understanding where you’re getting the idea that this Augmented Reality Game about a future civilization taken over by a Super AI is rooted in reality and the connection you make to a supposed 'realism’
I briefly understood the point about strategic interest points through the grammar errors, but even then if you want to talk realism then in the real world why don’t countries leave uninteresting areas or those without resources unclaimed (that is, outside their national borders)
Within months with a strong player base, most areas will be claimed in game and I can just about guarantee (based off playing Ingress for years) that it will absolutely be more about overall territory than particular zones being controlled. In short More Territory = More Resources = More Weapons/Upgrades.
That being said, if people truly feel that the recharge rate is fair then no change is warranted, however for people like myself who work full-time and usually only have 1 or 2 days to play each week it is incredibly frustrating to be in a new area, capture 2 zones, then have to wait an hour to do anything further. For players who do not have groups that will actively be playing / or whose schedules do not match up, I feel the time for power recharge needs to be lessened


The devs themselves stated this game was about direct skirmishes. And by in reality i meant literal reality. None of the stuff that is easily exploited can be physically done like in COD/BF etc. You physically real world need to do things, strategize to make it work just as organic to real life because it IS in real life. This isnt goint to bw the stay on your couch comfortably at home grinding deal and this is the intent. In reality everyone will have handicaps of some type. But the proposals listed that will assist you will also change the balance way too much and have the opposite of the desired effect. Fortunately this is about skirmishes and like in reality just having the “better gear” also isnt 100%… anothet huge flaw in most normal gaming that creates endless cycles of rebalancings to try to keep most people happy as possible. In reality sometimes the lower equipped does qctually still win against elites be it luck or clever strategy. I live in this burning desert that will be freezing by the time i get my inceptors.

Add in fuel costs and less ideal circumstances and my claimed territories is actually much lower than most but again the poi system accounts for that… However combat will be big challenge with maxed out ranges with low cover. It sucks but thats what my challenge is. Low exposure availability, since no one here, job or not will sit very long way less than an hour as its really dangerous at times. Everyone will have something. Lets just feel things out and learn how we need to adapt.

Remember this is new grounds here and all of us are the test pilots soon. No one has incorperated all of these parts before yet so i dont feel its really appropriate to try to compare to others. Other games/game types exist for their reasons but this isnt those.


Really great ideas, but with the new Tactical Map getting released after the inceptors, we won’t know how Power affects gameplay since there will not have as many squares to claim. There will still be POIs and bases which may require Power to defend/attack/hack and use non-combat skills/equipment.

I can see that there may be a lot of benefits as well as consequences of reducing the Power recharge time. Reducing the time may encourage more “solo” players to dominate areas, but this game is also about teamwork and strategy. Yes, it might suck to go out by yourself and have to wait hours to harvest resources or attack a base, but it Aso encourages people to get together and actually think critically about how they can benefit their team and faction. This is a war between Factions after all.

As for your second idea, that is gold. I believe someone mentioned it a long time ago in another thread, but that is still a great idea. I think that if a lot of players would support this idea as well, then I think that it might be implemented later by the developers.

On another note, im really glad that the forum is still alive and pumping :sunglasses: