First Quickmatch issues



First “quickmatch” I tried today had some issues.

Selected “indoor” match

  1. One player was only able to deal damage (android user to iphone user)
  2. After iphone user was killed, no further damage could be caused to either player
  3. iphone player had no indication they had been killed or were respawning
  4. framerate on camera (android) dropped after using system drop down menu (was resolved by turning screen off and back on again)

Android device:
uleFone Armour
Android 6.0.1

Iphone 6s+
iOS 11.2.1


It seems like the game is offline sometimes, I check and make sure it says online and if it says offline, I restart the game/ app.


latest patch on Android seems to have fixed the issue.

Indoor deathmatch now works as expected
Top bar framerate issue has also been resolved

Tested in a match between Iphone and Android