Few Outdoor Problems


Ok, so me and friend gave this a shot outdoors today.He is on an iphone 7 and half the time after game tells you to turn phone sideways his would not orientate properly and would start up with half a screen. Also is there and activation time for the sniper claymore. out of 8 attempts it only went off on him one time. And we tried waiting several different moments before he walked by it. Also the engineeer emp never went off when enemy was near.


Hi @ridder654 - be sure that you have the latest ios version on iPhone 7, the orientation problem should be resolved with 11.2 - unfortunately is a bug of both unity3d and iOS, that got fixed and broken every time.


What about the emp and claymores not going offwhen enemy walks through them?


@ridder654 you mean, that once exploded they keep on be “alive” and can be activated again, or the opposite, they just don’t work for you?


They just don’t work. I place a claymore in a spot. We wait a few seconds to a minute. Out of 8 tries the claymore only wnt off 1 time. And the engineer emp never went off. Friend tried walking all around the area the claymore was in but nothing happened. Unless the gps is somehow not accurate and thinks I placed it somewhere else.


^^^^^^ still need help


Hi @ridder654 we are still investigating on the matter - we did our test but we didn’t find these problems during our QA sessions. Can you explain to us if you were playing deathmatch or team deathmatch? If both of the player were in the same team or in opponent team?

We are working however in a better handling of the outdoor abilities that will be released in one of the next releases. Here you are our dev roadmap

We’ll also start soon a dev blog so you will be able to have a closer look on what we are working on!


We were playing deathmatch on different factions