Father.IO Tampa, FL Humans


Calling all brothers (and sisters) in arms from the Tampa region.
Follow up, point out enemy activity, and connect with teams in your area.


Orlando human here, we’ll have to get together once the game comes out.


Fantastic, check out and like the page for future updates.


BadAss420 here, human!! Tyme to take back what’s ours!! B-)


Holiday human here. Just a couple blocks off of 54.


I will be driving through Holiday on Monday, all blue squares I see I will attribute to you. Keep it up.


Orlando, I will be in your area screens hooting the first week of June. Hope to see your handywork.


In destin fl till fri hope to help out eound here till i head back to mo


Destin fl. Take your beta screenshots to https://m.facebook.com/FatherIO-Tampa-Humans-1590833181227740/
I would love to see your home base (it’s good practice to blur street names)


Orlando Human. Securing the area


I just registered in the Orlando area. Hope the game takes off here


I’m sure that once the inspectors arrive and the skirmishes begin the game will gain plenty of traction.