Father.IO Sites


Aloha Everybody,

I was looking through Google and found a few sites that I recognized from before the crowdfunding campaign! Looking back on how far we’ve come :blush:

The old sign-up page: https://father.io/fan.html

The OG development team: https://father.io/team.html

3D Interactive AR: http://father.io/AR_rifle.html

World-wide claimed areas (date unknown): http://father.io/areas.html

Also, here’s an old article I found about someone who didn’t think we’d get this far: http://woto.com/fatherio

Get the site back up?

Thanks for this, it’s nice to see some history from before Indiegogo, as I’ve just recently arrived here myself. Quick question, what were they offering in the email? and what was the fan contest thing about?


As far as I remember was there a portal where you got points for sending tweets, Facebook posts, friend invites etc.
You got the chance to win prices depending on your position in the Leaderboard.


@ParaSid what kind of prices? I’m curious!


@Hacker sorry for the late reply.

I think there were free inceptor packs (1 to 4 per pack?) and also a (parrot?) drone. But I don’t remember clearly because I don’t use social networks and didn’t followed the campaign long…


Did anybody win or receive the prizes?


Hi @Nitrox.5 - we send an email to all the winners of the queue contest few weeks ago. The number 1 winner is Altaran (Jan) who won the ten pack and the AR parrot drone.


Wow thats cool!!!


I thought this was quite recent? No?


I was also a winner in that contest. I received an email and filled out the Google form. When can I expect to receive the prize?