Father.IO Philippines


Anyone here from Manila? :smiley:

Call out - Manila

Anyone here from the PH? I’ve backed up this project last March 2016, tried getting some resources but eventually got bored because of how the map looks. Lol.

Hope to see someone from the same locality here! :smiley:

Also, I’ve claimed some areas already in BGC. :smile:


hey i am a pilipino please speak tagalog. its ok


i am from Tarlac


Can anybody give me a free inceptor im from bicol region IrosinSorsogon please gve me


Anyone from manila city. SPECIALLY Quezkn city?


Well, ill try conquering whole manila. hahaha


hi guys!! can i play without inceptors? guys pwede ba kahit cp lang?? haha tagalog na aba!!


Haha! You can play yung economic mode na puro harvest lang. But you need inceptors to attack. Where you from?

Humans or Evolved, guys? :smiley:


Paco Manila area. Petmalu guys


hey iam from bangladesh …play wihme


Anyone here who has an inceptor? Mine’s still on the way. :frowning: Tagal.


Anyone na pwede makabili ng inceptor device




Can you give me free Inceptor? I can’t afford it. From Philippines


Sino pwede magbigay sakin ng Inceptor?


Penge Inceptor pre