Father IO on MobileGo?


Hello All,

I want Father.IO to last a long time. They put in the time, money, blood, sweat and tears in getting this far. I highly doubt that once it’s officially launched, that…that’s it. I’m truly hoping that it will escalate to the global level as…Ingress. (I had to say it). A platform (system) is needed to launch the game, in-corporate tournaments, possibly in-game transactions etc. The side of the house that I feel will sustain the game. Not just the sale of the inceptors.

I stumbled across a platform outside the scope of the Apple store and Google Play, called MobileGo. It utilizes the blockchain technology and crypto currencies.

By no means I’m promoting or endorsing, just throwing in my two cents. Is this something that will help Proxy42?

See for yourselves, tell me what you think: MobileGo


Due to other licensing and partnership agreements i dont think they could open it anywhere else for sale. Good idea though