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To all humans and evolved,

Starting today a special team of law enforcers will roam our community and enfocre the Father.io rules
This team referred to as ‘the moderator team’ T.M.T. in short will make sure that on this forum no crimes are committed.

It does not matter if you are evolved or human, on this forum the rules are the same for both.

In case a crime is committed T.M.T. will take direct action.
If you witness a violation please contact one of the following members of T.M.T.

In the father.io universe many strange things can happen.
If by any chance you notice that a member of T.M.T. has become ‘infected’ and his actions become corrupted please contact @Kaj, @tarun or @IamYourVirtualFather.

Remember that no father.io staff or member of T.M.T. will ever ask for your password.

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Ok if your are a backer and order your intercepted through back when will we receive them as mine have not arrived and now they are on sale…?


I think you will not received…see below