Father.IO Hong Kong


Hi there, is there anyone from the Hong Kong region???


And I have created a Team called Phantoms, please feel free to join.


Awesome! Do you guys have a Facebook Page?


Naah, mate, rarely be the first group of people trying out a new game, so I am not entirely sure with how to set up teams and stuff.


I am from Hong Kong


Hong Kong, Human, Gary Bright Potter.


Hongkonger here, just get the inceptor today!
Does anyone know how to cancel the connection between mobile and inceptor?
I am using Samsung s6 to play, but it always ask me to rotate the mobile which I did


Find out solution, need to rotate to another side…


Guys! I’ve got my Inceptor too. Now just playing head shot game. Anyone still waiting?


My friends haven’t buy, but I have two inceptor


HongKongese here, but I am still have not active yet, anyone know do the Inceptor will lock with the account forever or not?

And do it have give the LV or class when beta we get or buy special pack in the indiegogo as they as promise?

Sorry, my English is so suck…


we are implementing the Inceptor share soon


Sorry,Are you offical staff of Father.io?

So are you going to answer my two questions :smile: