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It seems like my inceptor doesn’t hold charge after I disconnect it from the charger. What should I do?

To clarify: even if the Inceptor is working, the LED ring will turn off after it’s disconnected from the charger. This alone isn’t an indication that there’s something wrong with your inceptor.

Symptoms for a defective unit seem to be:
-LED color changing from green (charged) to red (charging) and back every few seconds while charging
-NO LED activity (working units flash shortly every 30 seconds)
-it’s possible to connect the game to the Inceptor while it’s charging, but the Bluetooth connection is lost as soon as the Inceptor is unplugged (working units will stay connected through Bluetooth).

It’s a problem that seems to affect the more recent devices (at least it’s coming up more recently these days). The devs haven’t publicly responded to the issue yet, so please contact support@proxy42.com for assistance.

As always the community is always thankful for feedback on resolved issues, so, if you got a solution please let us know about it in a seperate forum topic or on the discord channel. Thanks!

Edit 4.5.18:

The devs are aware of the issue and will give instructions after they sort out some stuff with their manufacturer:

Edit 21.05:

The devs are now officially asking you to report your problem via e-mail

my inceptors flash green and orange but do not load

Why can’t I currently download the app in the apple store?

There seems to be a problem with the current app release on the apple store. We got some info on the next apple release on April 17, 2018:

And then another bit in an official update from May 4, 2018:

Edit 21.05:
We got some more info through discord :

Edit 14.06.:
The last info we got through an indiegogo update:

Although that seems to contradict what was said about mixed version numbers in the past:

How do I download Father.io on IOS?
I cant find the app in appstore

Hi. just wondering if there is an open SDK for the Inceptors or the game itself?

I remember a discussion about this ages ago but I can’t find the thread now.