Father.io coffeemug concept


Couldn’t wait


TAKE ALL MY MONEY NOW! Please an ty mate


Same here, I’d order one in a heartbeat.


Honestly i was not joking i have 50 on me atm id love this for when i need coffee gaming or at work


Too bad it’s photoshopped :frowning:


Ya but hey its a great idea


The coffeemug in my post in This Post on another thread is actually in my shop. :sunglasses: I’ll post the shop link up later (if that’s okay and not breaking any rules


Ok man sounds cool to me


About selling merchandise with Proxy42 or Father.io official icons/images I’d refrain from doing so unless given an official go from Francesco @IamYourVirtualFather
They are still working on the official usage policy.


Ah that’s so cool! Hopefully they will take us up on our merchandising offers. I would love to see it all grow as a community.


I would buy the mug. But I’d ask for a little difference. I’d ask for the father.io emblem (like above) and on the reverse the Human Faction (Facebook page) emblem as well.


@RaNar I can get that, but I’d need a higher resolution picture of the both the Father.IO emblem and the Faction emblem. :slight_smile:


Put a target at the bottom of the mug!


Make the logo turn orange once your pour hot coffee or tea in it.


And blue if it’s cold (like bud light)


I like the changing colours idea.