Father.io app on App store


Today I want to play Father.io with my friends but they all have an iPhone so they can’t download the app on the App Store because you removed it. I understood that you removed the app because you didn’t do the profile update for ios. But I don’t understand why you did that because we can play with different version of the app (I tested with my iPad v2.1.4 and my phone v2.1.7)

I’m very angry about this problem because it would be the first time I can play with my 4 Inceptors and I can’t …

Please fix this issue quickly


I have the same problem. Just bought the hardware and I can not download the app. When is this going to be fixed?


I guess app has been removed because against the anti violence guidelines in the app stores.
It was in the air…

Don’t know if it will be ever restored…
Probably they are thinking about a Hello Kitty reskin…just joking, I hope it will come back soon, I’m so looking forward to find new bugs.


I don’t know when they will fixe this issue but if you want to understand the reason why they removed it, you can read the second message of this topic Father.io app is not available in the U.S. App Store
The answer is in the 3rd paragraph (the 1st big paragraph)


May you not be right.
Fortunately, I downloaded some time ago.
Are there any sources?


Bump, I can not wait too.
Maybe they’ll remember