Father.io app is not available in the U.S. App Store


Does anyone know when it’s going to be available in the App Store again?

Father.io app on App store

Father.IO app update - what’s new?
Dear Father.IO players and supporters,

amazing people deserve amazing games - and that’s the way we want to go with Father.IO!

During the last weeks we have worked hard to produce a great release - we are going to provide the details shortly, though we hope you have already seen them as you should now be real Father.IO PROs! This release is currently available for all Android users, while we are working close to Apple in order to release the new iOS update.

Player profile information: as soon as you access the Father.IO AR FPS app, you are now able to see your username and player profile. You are now able to modify username and login email and to personalise your profile picture (you can upload a picture or take a selfie from your device).

As per finding fellow players, it has now become even easier - the app will prompt you to your Facebook friends who have downloaded the app, so you can arrange for group battles and find players and opponents in just a click.

Last but not least, from your profile you will be able to access to your total game stats and learn how many games you played, how many you won according to your class. And here you have a quick view of the experience:

Game menu: while enjoying your Father.IO game, a button now allows you to access a screen displaying:

  • the current game stats

  • a recording button

  • an exit option if you wish to leave the current game

New weapon: Assaults and Sniper, here’s a heads up: you have now a new weapon available, the revolver - that should help improving your killing rate!

Bug fixing: with this last update, we have improved the gaming experience: the stability of the app is now guaranteed even in case you are using a low quality Internet connection and we have improved on displaying final score and in-game score. We were aware of a bug of the app crashing when attempting to record a video impacting Android users, this has been fixed in version 2.1.6.

This is probably all for today, but not for ever of course - we are extremely satisfied with these latest results, but will as usual need your feedback to make Father.IO even more amazing. As usual, feel free to give us feedback, suggest improvements and features in our Discord chat - if you haven’t done so, join us at https://discordapp.com/invite/fatherio!

See you in the next battle,

The Father.IO team