Experience so far


Sorry for the TLDR, but here goes my experience thus far with the Inceptor and the AR FPS…

I have two inceptors, I also have 2 phones. I used the +1 gmail method of creating a new account for the second inceptor and used my Father IO “resource map” email and password for the first. Got the app on both phones. Linking the inceptors using the QR code was easy enough. I have noticed that when connecting the inceptor to the phone via bluetooth, if both inceptors are within about 12’ of each other, the linking process fails. Once the two phones (with inceptor attached) is moved apart by around 3’, the linking process proceeds no problem. I’ve found that toggling the Bluetooth on/off/on sometimes helps also.

I’ve played a few DM and team DM, trying both factions and a few different classes. I’ve tried Assualter, Medic, Sniper, Engineer. So far at this point, there doesn’t seem to be any difference, aside from the weapons assigned to the classes. I have not seen how to use claymore mines, heal others, etc… Also on team DM, friendly fire is possible. All games have been played indoor. Update, a Dev told me the mines and special weapons are location based and required the"outdoor game".

The inceptor registers hits from front, sides, and rear. The game can be played with the phone in a vertical fashion, but the HUD/AR layer doesn’t rotate. The inceptor works fine though.