Exit/Quit a game after starting


During a headshot game there is no way to quit the game without completely brute force closing the app. There should be some kind of menu to quit the game and forfeit your score.

I was showing off the app to a couple of coworkers and tried to stop the game but couldn’t figure out how. Not even the back button works to exit the headshot game. Even after navigating to a different app then back to father.io it was still counting down waiting for me to get headshots.

I haven’t had a chance to try it with my inceptor yet but if you can’t quit a quick match game, there should be a feature for that as well.


I agree, and no, there is currently no option to quit a match.


It’s been discussed on discord. It is feature that will be implemented. Hopefully soon.


Sweet. Its probably easier seen here than in discord. /shrug