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Hoi, Meriadoc hier. Thuis is Den Haag. Ik ben chefkok en kan niet tot het zover IS.

Hi, My name is Meriadoc, I live in Den Haag. I am a chef and can’t until it is time.


Until the language specific boards are added please stick to English or atleast add an english translation to your posts. This way the main forum will remain accessible to all languages.

I have added an English translation (Google translate) for this time.



hoi ik ben edwin alias veenstra.
ik ben woonachtig in grave
ook ik kan niet wachten tot we de inseptor ontvangen

hi i am edwin alias veenstra.
I’m living in grave
I also can not wait until we receive the inseptor


Hello guys,

My name is Bjorn, Prankhouz ingame. 21 years old. and my main territory is Utrecht.