Even charge inceptor goes off



One of my Inceptor does not work anymore. I put it in charge and after a while it turns green but when I disconnect it goes off and loses the connection with the phone. Can not pair with the phone it does not blink. By leaving it connected it stays connected but it does not capture the shots of the second inceptor. I updated the firmware, it does not change anything. The other inceptor works normally.


With no power switch, it’s going to be impossible for normal battery maintenance.

I’m fully prepared for the likelihood that by the time this game is playable, all ten of my inceptors will be junk with batteries that can’t hold a charge. Which means, despite backing it at a high level, I will probably never actually play it.

I don’t see myself ever backing another indiegogo either.

Who makes electronics without an off switch in an era where batteries need to hold a charge to stay viable?


@Hexoseth I’m have the same problem but with both of the 2 I own


@DuxInarro It already is playable tho